Allen company crossbow bolts

One of the most expensive aspects about being a crossbow hunter is the need to constantly replace bolts and broadheads due to loss or breakage, and the real problem is that if you try to buy cheaper bolts to minimize costs you will usually have to sacrifice quality and by extension fun. Luckily there are a few bolt options out there that strike a solid balance between price and performance. The fantastic Allen Company carbon crossbow bolts fall squarely into this category and our definitely one of our favorite products.

Weight – 400 grain
Bolt Length – 20 Inches
Nock Style – Half Moon
Material – Carbon Fiber
Recommended Broadhead Weight – 125 grain
Price – $24.25

“Have used these bolts for about 2 months now. All have been fired from my Parker Tornado crossbow at least a dozen times. None have broken or deformed. Used this bolt and Grim Reaper broad head to bag a nice Tom turkey…(read more here: Allen Company Carbon Crossbow Bolts Review)”

“These bolts are great. It might seem for the price that they are not but im a big crossbow hunter and I have shot them each about 50 times or more and they havnt broken or deformed one bit. I even had the change to bag a nice 10 point buck with it, great quality for such a inexpensive product!!!…(read more here: Allen Company Carbon Crossbow Bolts Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.2

Tenpoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Review

Tenpoint Titan Xtreme


In our opinion the best sort of crossbow that you can buy is one that is highly accessible to the beginner, but is advanced enough that as the hunter grows in skill the crossbow will stay relevant and grow with them, staying useful as long the hunter continues to hunt. Unfortunately the list of crossbows that meet these criteria is pretty small, and if you are looking for one that falls into a price range that will be affordable by the average hunter you are left with what amounts to a handful of options, luckily we have pinned down one of these elusive crossbows, the Tenpoint Titan Xtreme and we will address all the reasons why this may be one of the best bang for your buck crossbows on the market right now.

Draw Weight – 180 lbs
FPS – 333
Kinetic Energy – 91 ft/lbs
Power Stroke -12.6″
Mass Weight – 7.3 lbs
Length – 38”
Width – Axle-to-Axle -21.6”/18.5”

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Parker Tomahawk Crossbow Review

Parker Tomahawk best crossbow crossbow reviews

If you are primarily a blind or tree stand hunter and are looking for a great crossbow to add to your repertoire, you’ll certainly want to take a look at the Parker Tomahawk, this crossbow is small and lightweight yet performs very admirably in all performance categories especially accuracy. The accuracy of this crossbow allows one to take extremely lengthy shots that you would not think would be possible using a crossbow at the Tomahawk’s fairly modest price. All in all the Parker Tomahawk is arguably one the best crossbow deals out there especially if you fall into the stand/blind hunter niche, and in this review we will go in depth about just why this is.

Draw Weight: 160 lbs
FPS: 320
Ft. lbs of Energy: 93.84
Power Stroke: 10.75”
Mass Weight: 6.5 lbs
Length: 34.25”
Arrow Length: 20”

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Barnett Raptor FX Crossbow Review

Barnett Raptor FX crossbow reviews

The crossbow market can be a little unfriendly to those who are built on the smaller side, women especially can have trouble finding a crossbow that provides power, speed, and precision you need to in order to effectively hunt while also being manageable for someone of their stature. These people need a crossbow that can reliably take down game without hindering them due to its size; these people need the Barnett Raptor FX. This crossbow is among the best crossbows on the market compound, recurve or otherwise even without considering its significant advantages for smaller hunters, it has high level technology and excels at the fundamental aspects that a quality crossbow needs to have. In this crossbow review we’ll go further into why the Barnett Raptor FX may be the ideal crossbow for you.

Draw Weight: 150 lbs
Ft. lbs of Energy: 97
Power Stroke: 12.5″
FPS: 330
Mass Weight: 6.5 lbs
Length: 34.25″
Width: 18″
Arrow Lgth./Grain: 20″/400

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Crossbow Crusader’s Mega Chart

Welcome to the Crossbow Crusader’s interactive mega chart, the purpose of this chart is to give anyone who doesn’t feel like reading an entire review an opportunity to get a general feel of how each crossbow stacks up against its competition. For further convenience we have included links to the best deals that we could find for each crossbow should you feel that you are ready to purchase, just click on the crossbow’s picture and it will take you right there.

But definitely dont forget to check out our crossbow reviews to get any additional information you may need on any crossbow that catches your eye, and find the best crossbow for you.

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Ten Quality Crossbow Cases

Most of the crossbows we review here at Crossbow Crusader are fairly pricey, and as with any significant investment it is in your best interest to protect your crossbow as best you can. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to purchase a crossbow case, they are a one off purchase that can add a significant amount of life to not only your crossbow but the accessories as well. When you consider all this it really doesn’t make sense not to own at least one crossbow case, and in case you are looking for some recommendations we have compiled a list of ten very nice crossbow cases that we have chosen based upon customer review as well as personal experience. We hope that this chart help you pick the best crossbow case for your needs and budget.


[table id=9 /]

Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite Crossbow Review

Horton Team Realtree Ultra-Lite

Horton has really created something special with the  Horton Team Realtree Ultra-lite, it combines modern technology, clever and efficient design, as well as a bit of unique style to create a very solid mid-priced crossbow that rivals heavy hitters such as the Barnett Ghost 410 and Excalibur Axiom. The Team Realtree provides everything you could want/need in a crossbow and is definitely one of the best crossbows on the market currently, but we will thoroughly go over the in and outs of this package so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

Draw Weight: 175 lb
FPS: 330
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Length: 37.375 inches
Width: 17.75 inches axle to axle (loaded)
Powerstroke: 12.75 inches
Arrow Length: 20 inches
Kinetic Energy: 103 ft/lbs

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Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangefinder Scope Review

Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangefinder Scope Review

In this review we will be going over the Aim sports Compact Rangefinder Scope, this is a very highly rated scope, and that is not without reason as it provides everything one could want in a scope at a very reasonable price. It is easy to sight in and once sighted it holds the adjustments very well even if jolted hard. It is also very precise at whatever ranges it is sighted for and it is very likely that if any inaccuracy is experienced it is due to user skill or a lack therefore. In addition the Rangefinder is as perfect for rifles as it is for crossbows. Overall this is a very solid and versatile scope with an unbeatable price tag, and is definitely worth a look if you are in need of a scope.

product name price



Price: 23.48
Magnification: 4X
Tube Diameter: 1”
Objective: 32 mm
Length: 7.75”
Weight: 0.68 lbs
Rail type: Weaver/Picatinny
Rings Included: Yes

Preparing this scope is very standard fair and quite easy as well, you only need to attach the mounting rings and adjust them to your preferred height (lowest height is recommended), establish your eye relief and make sure that the scope is at least four inches away from your eye when you are in normal shooting position, then tighten the rings fully. After this you are ready to begin sighting in the scope (the process of which is outlined fully in the included instructions).

Performance Overview
In terms of accuracy this scope is about as good as it gets for a crossbow compatible scope, it is very accurate out to even very extreme ranges (90+ yards) and it holds the zeroing very well. You will probably want to sight the reticles in for 20, 30, 40, and 50 unless you know that you will need to take shots beyond that range. All in all it is a very high quality scope that will not hold you back at any point in your crossbow journey whether you are a novice or an expert.

product name price



Recommended Rope Cocking Devices

Every crossbow user knows within five minutes that a rope cocking aid makes loading your crossbow significantly easier, even the burliest most grizzled veteran is unlikely to be seen without one of these handy little tools. Since this is such a staple item for all crossbow users we have compiled this list of our favorite rope cockers to make finding one at least a little bit easier, there are cocking aids from a variety of companies on this list so everyone should be able to find something to suit their tastes.

[table id=8 /]

Mk 250 Crossbow Review

Mk 250

There are crossbow packages that deliver a quality crossbow and a lot of extras but are premium priced, then there are some that are more budget friendly but skimp on quality, but there is a third group that is much rarer that gives you a top notch crossbow with many extras at an excellent price, the Mk 250 is one of these rare packages.

The Mk 250 package is certainly one of if not the best values on the crossbow market, as mentioned earlier you get the Mk 250 itself which is powerful, accurate, durable, and highly accessible as well making it a great starter crossbow and very desirable for established hunters as well. Regardless of your budget or experienced this crossbow is certainly worth looking into, and in this crossbow review we will go deeper into why that is.

Draw Weight: 150 lbs
FPS: 300
Weight: 6.82 lbs
Length: 36.25 inches
String Length: 17 inches
Arrow Length: 20 inches

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